WHAT IS acne treatments?
acne treatments
Treat active acne, acne breakouts and acne scars for good! Our specialized acne treatments ensure that your acne slows dramatically or even stops all together.
Acne is a skin condition that occurs when your hair follicles become congested with bacteria. It often causes whiteheads, blackheads or pimples, and usually appears on the face, forehead, chest, upper back and shoulders. Breakouts can be caused by hormones, stress, poor diet and hereditary factors. It affects people from all ages even into late adulthood.
V Line has developed multiple treatment protocols to successful treat all types of acne, from break outs to severe acne. Our acne program has been proven successful time after time. Many of our clients graduated from their specialized program and now no longer experience breakouts!
MINOR ACNE: Breakouts with stress or hormonal changes. Commonly have whiteheads and blackheads, bumps under the skin, and sometimes larger red pimples.
Minor acne is often treated with a facial treatment regime specially designed to treat acne prone skin. If red marks remain after the breakout has healed, then pulsed light lasers can help decrease redness and marks.

MODERATE TO SEVERE ACNE: This occurs without any specific timing. These breakouts resolve slowly and require treatment to avoid scars from forming. Nodules are hard, painful, inflamed bumps and can cause skin complications such as dark spots or scarring.
A specific facial regimen that combines manual extraction of the bacteria combined with intense pulse light laser is used to treat active acne and improve dry skin. Skin resurfacing laser for light and deep acne scars is then used to treat scars from previous breakouts.

SEVERE CYSTIC ACNE: This type of acne will require intervention for the healing process to begin. Without intervention this acne will scar even without picking or scratching the bumps. The first step in treating cystic acne is to remove the bacteria that is trapped under the skin, so acne products and cleansers can get into the skin to start working. This must be done by an experienced medical professional so to avoid scarring and promote healing. Often the next steps in treating cystic acne is to reduce inflammation in the skin and improve hydration. Light therapy and hydration treatments will allow the skin to heal and reduce acne. After the active acne has decreased, next steps are to treat scars or pigment that remain from previous breakouts, with deep and light skin resurfacing treatments.
Acne scars may be red, brown, or have no color. All these scars can be treated successfully with a combination of lasers specific to that scar type. Your practitioner will treat each skin lesion individually. The practitioner will map out different areas of the face to determine specific lasers, parameters, and handpieces to use to ensure fastest and safest results. Scars are treated with a pen light type laser so to pinpoint each scar and blemish individually for best results. With every treatment you can expect to see improvements in your skin texture and tone.
depends on treatment plan
30 to 60mins
3 – 7 days
long term